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Clayton is owner of Alien Familiar Media, llc.  He as been a roleplayer since 1998 when he bought his 2e AD&D core books and Planescape campaign setting.  Clayton has been primarily a gamemaster throughout his gaming career, but still managed to get a good amount of time in the player’s seat.  His favorite system is Savage Worlds.  His gamemastering pedigree includes All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Apocalypse Engine (Dungeon World and Blades in the Dark), Apocalyptia, Call of Cthulhu (7e and d20), Cortex Plus (Leverage), d20 Modern, D&D (2e onward), Fate (Accelerated and Core), Mongoose Traveller (both editions), and World of Darkness (Classic and Chronicles).  In addition to face-to-face tabletop games games, Clayton can be found on Discord as dmscorpio#0660 and can sometimes be found playing on



Life long gamer.  School Teacher.  Dad.  Proud Nerd! 


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Jordan is a loose-cannon lone-wolf who doesn’t play by anyone’s rules, not even his own.  He is not an asshole.  He is the author of the ApocalyptiaRPG


Kyle P

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KP is a nerd’s nerd, whatever the hell that means.

Hosts who are no longer active on the podcast:


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Beth is a lifelong nerd.



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Hayley is the most avid and ardent fan of the DC Comics character Harley Quinn, and if you disagree she will fight you.  Hayley’s instagram is baethefae and her burslesque troupe is The Goddess Collective.


Kyle D

Kyle is a relative newcomer to the hobby, only having started rolling dice in 2012 but fell hard and fast into it and hasn’t looked back since. He’s run a variety of games mostly under the Dungeons and Dragons and New World of Darkness umbrellas with varying levels of success. His favorite sort of games to play in are: ones with a well developed world, those that are adaptations of other media, or where he can play some variation of Fox Mulder from the X-files. He is pictured here with the ass-end of a sculpture of the infamous West Virginian cryptid, Mothman.


Nina S

Lanina is a biochemistry major at Ohio University.  Her favorite system to play with is New World of Darkness, specifically Geist.  She began role-playing in 2014 at a university-based tabletop club.  She has only ever run one game as a one-shot but is a player in many different games.  She often can be found online playing video games as well as online rpgs with others around the US.  Lanina’s instagram is sapphireshotscosplay


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Nina is also known by the increasingly inaccurate moniker “pink-haired Nina.”