Episode 16: Using the Real World in Your Game

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In which we discuss how to use the real world for inspiration for your games

Things we talk about:

Push until alarm sounds

The LORD is watching YOU today


Episode 13: How to Define Your Sci-Fi


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In this episode we talk about things to keep in mind while designing and running your sci-fi setting to give it verisimilitude. Also, I refuse to post a spoiler warning for a cult sci-fi TV series and movie that came out in the early 2000s.

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Episode 12: IRL Talk: Are Games Making People Lazy?

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In this episode, we mostly stray from giving advice about RPGs and talk about this article in particular, but also reference some things from here.  We also delve into some of our private sociopolitical beliefs.

Between the recording and the posting of this podcast, the New York Post has posted this article

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