Actual Play: Fate Accelerated One-Shot 0101 Mearth

Download the episode here

In which the PCs wrote aspects of the world on card and forced the GM to make some sort of sense of the nonsense

Aspects of the world are as follows

  • This takes place in the 1920s
  • The monarchies that fell during WWI remained in power, and it is the 1920s
  • Everyone has innate elemental magic within them.  This has led to street gangs of magic developing all over the world
  • Magic exists, but only elemental magic
  • Everyone has a talking duck companion
  • Animals can talk and are cool
  • We are not on Earth.  We are on the Mars, but as if it were Red Earth, called Mearth
  • Death is not death.  You just ascend to the next world.