Episode 22: How to Create a Campaign Setting

Download the episode here

Hosts: Clayton, KP, Hayley, KD, Lanina, Jordan

In this episode we discuss the methods we use and the inspiration we draw from when we create a campaign setting

Things we mention in this episode are:

Clayton’s litany of questions when designing a campaign setting:

  • What System?
  • How long is this campaign going to last?
  • Why make a new setting?
  • What is different about the setting?
  • What is the scale of the start of the campaign vs the end of the campaign?
  • How long are the PCs going to spend in any particular place?
  • (If fantasy or sci-fi) what races are available?  How prevalent?
  • How fantastic? How “realistic”?
  • What do you expect from this fantasy campaign? What is your idea of fantasy? How is magic involved/how prevalent?
  • What has been established?  Are there wizards, haughty elves, dragons, etc. What fantasy memes, tropes, etc are we going to follow?
  • How must the System be changed to accomplish this
  • Shorten the pre-game information that the players need to know down to 10 bullet points.

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